Dear Friends and Partners of GEN!

Too Late?

 He was asked, why he was coming late. People had waited  for him. Too late?

Yes, too late.  The eyes are focused on a little African man. He just arrives at an open air event – on his own. Nothing unusual, one would think. But for him it is far from normal.

It is the evening of February 28th. Evangelist Schott is in Nigeria once again, this time in Port Harcourt. He was invited to preach at an Open Air Crusade. Loud worship music of the church choir is roaring out of the loud speakers. Expectations are high. What will happen again in the presence of the Lord, today? The people experienced God’s mighty move the previous day.

Today they are to be encouraged by the testimonies, in order to boost their faith for their own healings.

But one person is missing. He, of all people, should testify and encourage the others to also believe in Jesus and his miracle working power. But where is he? Will he come? – Finally he comes. Too late! – But for a good reason! He is late, because he was visiting with his neighbors, telling them that Jesus healed him.

He was blind, but now he sees!