Dear Friends and Partners of GEN!

Jesus is the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the whole world! This message saves. This message sets free. This is an awesome message. The whole world must hear it! For this purpose the Lord moves people and provides resources.

The GEN-Center of Evangelism and Revival is growing. More and more workers are joining. The offices have already moved in and are functioning. The team of intercessors meets weekly. The first Stand Up! has been a success.

The fire of revival is spreading! The Wake Up! ignites a new passion for the Kingdom of God, and Christians of various churches catch the fire. Through Evangelistic Meetings and Revival Services world-wide, the Gospel is preached uncompromisingly: Jesus saves! Jesus heals!

TV-Shows are broadcasted via satellite into 47 nations, Australia and six more countries. All must hear the Gospel!

The ministry of GEN is gathering momentum and we are expecting an even greater harvest in the coming years. Be part of it!

Welcome at GEN!

D. Schott